Sunday, October 7, 2007

Conference Sunday

Today Steve and I decided that we needed to drive along the Alpine Loop before it closes for the winter. This is one of our most favorite places in Utah! We invited our friends, Parker and Jessie Reid and their daughter, McKinley to join us during the afternoon session of conference. The ride was beautiful!Due to a recent cold front, we have had a few snow storms in the mountains...the effect of which can still be seen in Provo Canyon. The quaking aspen trees looked beautiful!

McKinley did a great job for sitting in her carseat for such a long time! She is such a cutie!

Steve and I took our friends to one of the most beautiful places in Utah we know (aside from Logan Canyon). It is called Cascade Springs and it looks like an oasis in the Utah desert.


Sitton said...

Your pics are so much more fallish. Looks pretty:) We are taking our kids to Provo Canyon this wednesday for a fall hike. Should be fun.

WeTheTeeples said...

I can't believe you didn't tell me you were blogging. I will now have to add you to my list of cool people that blog. And tell Steve he needs to take you to more fun places, so you will have stuff to blog about. :)
And you need to check out our blog.